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Usui/Holy Fire® III & Quantum Light Reiki Master Intuitive + Soul Coach
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7 months ago
Initially, I was skeptical about Reiki, but after experiencing my first session with Lori, I am now a firm believer and feel that I’ve found something truly transformative! Lori’s genuine care for both physical and spiritual well-being was evident from the moment we spoke. As someone who has lived with chronic pain for years, I had come to accept it as a normal part of aging. However, during the session, without prior information from me, Lori remarkably pinpointed my most severe pain points and worked to alleviate them. The healing sensations were so palpable, it was hard to believe she was working her magic from 600 miles away. More surprising was her ability to detect and address long-term emotional issues. She had a profound vision related to a significant spiritual moment from my childhood which left me feeling deeply moved and connected to the universe. Her intuitive abilities are truly magical! Beyond the session, Lori’s follow-up has been extraordinary and it’s obvio...
4 years ago
I was very ill with a respiratory virus when I arranged a long distance reiki session with Lori. I had been curious about reiki but really didn't think anything was going to happen. It wasn't a magical curing of my cold, but it did open up my mind and heart to so much. As a result, I've been on an unexpected spiritual journey and feel that I owe these discoveries to the sessions and discussions with Lori. I would encourage anyone seeking balance in their lives give Holy fire reiki a chance. It truly has changed my life and spiritual awareness for the better. Thank you Lori!!!
- Sarah D

Higher Healing

The Reiki cup is committed to helping restore harmony, love, balance, joy and well-being to ALL who seek it. We do this by providing long-distance Usui/Holy Fire® III & Quantum Light Reiki sessions to anyone, person or pet, anywhere in the world! 

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Reiki can be defined as a non-physical healing energy made up of life force or Spirit energy that is guided by Higher Intelligence. Reiki is a powerful, yet gentle restorative energy channeled from the Divine and transmitted through an attuned practitioner’s hands across all time, space and distance to reach its intended destination. Reiki flows to where it is most needed to remove energetic blocks that keep us from healing and living our best lives. It helps reconnect us to our Higher selves, bringing all of our pieces (mind, body and spirit) together to work in harmony and for our highest good. We hope you will choose to experience and be renewed by this restorative energy and Higher healing from the comfort of your home. It is our sacred honor to work with you. 

  • Relieves stress and anxiety 
  • Releases pain, pain patterns, and muscle tension
  • Brings inner balance to the whole body Increases joy 
  • Clears the way for your authentic-self to shine 
  • Deepens the connection to your Higher-self and inner-knowing
  • Sparks physical healing of all kinds
  • Unearths root energetic causes of disease for release and restoration
  • Increases deep feelings of self-worth and self-love 
  • Guides towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Releases negative patterns, beliefs, trauma and PTSD 
  • Clears trauma after accidents, injury and surgery
  • Releases negative entities and relationship attachments 
  • Boosts energy and vitality
  • Speeds up recovery rate from injury and illness
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Only works towards your Highest good and never causes any harm! 

And so the birth of the Reiki cup… When a bowl, cup or precious vase falls and breaks into a thousand pieces, we often throw them away angrily and regretfully. Yet there is an alternative, a Japanese practice that highlights and enhances the breaks thus adding value to the broken object. It’s called kintsugi. By bringing the pieces together with liquid gold or silver, the items are restored and the breaks enhanced. Kintsugi teaches that broken objects are not something to hide or discard, but to display with pride. So, with a nod to this Japanese art came the name and concept behind the Reiki cup! All of the wounds and burdens of our lives may leave us feeling like we are in pieces, much like a broken cup. BUT, those hurts, challenges and traumas are the places where Divine love and light can enter to heal and repair what feels damaged. We are not broken, we may have emotional wounds, or health issues that need healing, but these things can be lovingly restored when the power of Reiki is invited in. Simply opening yourself up to receive Reiki is all that’s required of you and, when you do, we will transmit golden, healing light to flow in and through your rough edges, mending as it goes. Any scars that remain make you shine brighter with even more beauty. 

We understand that not everyone has easy access for a physical appointment with a Reiki practitioner. Some are not comfortable with hands-on treatments and some find it easier to relax in their own home or space. Our purpose is to offer a long-distance option for those people and pets seeking Reiki. We are physically based outside of Atlanta, GA, though we work with clients around the world.

Our lead practitioner Lori W. is attuned to Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki at the Master Practitioner level and received her certified training through The International Center for Reiki Training from William Lee Rand. She has also been attuned to Quantum Light Reiki. A dear friend and neighbor first introduced her to Reiki and freely attuned her in the summer of 2016. This Reiki Master’s giving of this gift of healing to Lori was a profound step in placing power literally back in Lori’s hands, after feeling completely out of control from a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury. 

Lori’s TBI required extreme quiet and darkness for 3+ years. It was a solitary, painful period of ruthless headaches and isolation from the world, where she was unable to engage in normal everyday activities. Life as a graphic designer and business owner of 14 years was put on hold. With the help of a few excellent vestibular therapists, functional neurologist, a lot of prayer and years of work she regained physical balance, some stamina and eye function, yet extreme head/neck pain, light and sound sensitivity and hopelessness persisted. After her first Reiki session the physical problems didn’t disappear, but the emotional trauma from the accident and isolation began to lift. She felt connected to her old self again, able to think clearer and make decisions without feeling that additional trauma and danger was always waiting in the wings. She was able to let go of anger and deep resentment towards the person that caused this. Then she continued on with a Reiki Master in Arizona, who had success treating TBI’s. She sent Reiki via distance several times, and Lori credits those sessions to an even deeper emotional and physical healing. Reiki helped lift her out of this dark, hopeless pit and enabled her to continue releasing all of the energetic baggage and trauma of the accident and life thereafter. 

She turned over every stone desperately looking for help and answers, from adjusting every part of her diet, endless supplements and trying every medical brain expert in town. There were a select few golden stars who helped in her dark hours, but the power of Reiki truly lifted her head. This work is deeply personal, as Lori knows exactly how it feels to be alone without anyone who understands and lost in a medical system that only attempts to suppress symptoms. She also knows that God/Universe uses everything and this injury led her to an amazing gift of receiving and now sharing the profound healing of Reiki.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns! We’re ALWAYS happy to talk about Reiki. If we don't respond right away please remember we may be in sessions with others and ask that you respect and honor that time for them. We'll reach out to you as soon as we can. 

  • Book a session online here, or on Facebook’s & IG's BOOK NOW buttons. All times listed are scheduled in the EDT (Eastern Daylight Saving Time) zone. Please choose accordingly. You will receive an email confirmation and treatment forms to complete prior to your session.
  • Upon return of your forms and payment we will call at your scheduled time, give your full Reiki session and follow up the next day (if chosen) by phone to debrief your experience.
  • If you order a package of sessions, payment is due before your first session and then you can continue to schedule appointments until you use up your package.
  • If you need an appointment at a time not listed, please contact us and we will work to accommodate your needs. 

  • During your session, please find a quiet place to lay down where you will not be disturbed. We can text you soothing music to play in the background if this will help you relax, please just ask. There is wonderful, free Reiki music on YouTube.
  • We will call before your session and check in the following day to see how you’re feeling.
  • During your session you may feel tingles, heat or cold in various parts of your body, energy surges, bursts or releases. These are temporary sensations as energy moves through and out of your body and energetic fields. You may experience vivid dreams as Reiki works deep into our subconscious. Everyone’s experience is different since all of our energies and blockages are different. You may feel nothing at all, but be assured Reiki works subtly, yet powerfully. Simply quiet your mind and don't overthink this process, but rather invite Reiki in to help you. It will only ever work towards your Highest good.
  • We will send a brief text telling you when we’ve finished and do not expect a response at that time. You may fall deeply asleep during the session and not wake up for hours after. This is absolutely fine and we ask that you honor whatever happens in your healing process. At the end of your session when you awake, please take your time to get up slowly, drink a full glass of water and if possible stand on the ground outside in your bare feet to ground your body. We will call you the following day to see how you’re feeling.

  • We suggest you refrain from any stimulants or numbing agents such as caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol 3-4 days leading up to your session and following it. This simply creates a beneficial environment for Reiki to work, where calm and peace are already being cultivated. This is not mandatory for Reiki to work, it will simply enhance and lengthen your experience. If you are struggling with an addiction and looking for help with Reiki, please indicate this prior to your session and we will send Reiki accordingly. DO NOT STOP TAKING ANY OF YOUR MEDICALLY PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS. Reiki is used in compliment with your current medical treatments, not as a replacement!
  • Set your own intentions for your session. Whether big or small, Reiki hears our requests and honors the intentions we hold.
  • Take some quiet-time to reflect and journal about your session and any things that came up for you. Reiki will continue to work over the next couple days, so stay in tune to how it’s helping you by creating daily quiet and/or meditation time. Writing down experiences, dreams and things that come to mind help us process this healing energy and provide us with next steps.

If you are scheduling a session for your pet, please email us a picture of your beloved to use during their session. We call prior to their session, will text you when their session is completed and will call you the following day to see how they are doing.

  • People always ask when they should book another session. We always say, you will know. Reiki will guide you. If you are up against a specific, weighty challenge, deep past trauma or disease, we find Reiki to be most effective in several, successive days (2-3 treatments a week over a 3-4 week window or more.) Then treatments can be spread out further apart as healing continues and you feel your body begin to release and balance. Disease builds in the body over time, especially after lingering in our energetic bodies, sometimes over a lifetime! It can take time to clear out these old debilitating energies. And, if we live or work in draining environments, more frequent sessions are recommended to help to keep the energy flowing at a peak rate until we are able to address those places that drain us. Reiki is your guide, your friend and deeply loves you. You can trust its timing, wisdom, guidance and protection.
  • Please direct-message, email, or call with any questions or concerns! 

Payment is due prior to all sessions and can be completed via:

  • the Cash App at$theReikicup
  • Apple Cash and Venmo @theReikicup
  • Zelle at

By scheduling any sessions with us you agree to the following: I understand that Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on, or long-distance energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. I understand that Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. I understand that Reiki does not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that I see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment or emergency I may have. I understand that Reiki can complement any medical or psychological care I may be receiving. I also understand that the body has the ability to heal itself and to do so, complete relaxation is often a beneficial catalyst. I acknowledge that long term imbalances in the body sometimes require multiple sessions in order to facilitate the level of relaxation needed by the body to heal itself. I understand that Reiki is being provided by my request. I agree to hold the practitioner of my sessions harmless and understand that she/he is not responsible for the outcome.

No information about any client will be discussed or shared with any third party without written consent of the client or parent/guardian if the client is under 18. Any case studies or stories shared will use different names to keep every clients privacy secure.

If you are unhappy with your Reiki session for any reason we ask that you communicate with us directly for a full refund within 5 days after your first paid treatment, no questions asked. Your feedback is valuable to us. 

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